Hello Lovelies!

I’ve never thought of myself as a trend follow, but I’m also not a trend setter. I’m somewhere in the middle. I generally take about 2 years before I finally start liking a trend everyone else has already been wearing.

Which brings me to today’s post. Track pants are something that I really didn’t like at all when they first came out and now I think they’re super cute and comfy.

I recently bought some Calvin Klein yoga pants, but I’m not a huge fan of boot-cut legs. They make me look and feel really short. So, I like to take the legs and roll them up. Today, I’ll share my little secret for making track pants without even looking at a sewing machine.

( Scroll down for tutorial )





  1. Start with your normal pants leg.


2. Fold the leg like you would a pleat.


3. Then roll the leg up and you’re finished!
This works best with knit pants. I’ve tried it with cotton and it’s just too stiff. Enjoy your no-sew track pants!



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  • You are so adorable! Great tip – love the casual chic look. Pinning 🙂

  • Thanks for linking up to Favorite Fashion Friday!
    xoxo, (co-host)

  • Love it! A great way to easily change the look of your pants!

  • COOL TRICK! I'm not a huge fan of boot leg sweats either – makes me think of PJ's 🙂

  • Yes, track pants are so stylish and comfy!! I love them too. Great way to still get wear out of your wide leg pants. Thanks