Top: Hand-Me-Down from mom // Skirt: Belk ( old ) // Booties: Pink Blush // Belt: Forever21 ( old ) // Rings: Belk, Gift, Thrifted, French Connection






Hello Lovelies!

I feel like I start every single post talking about the weather. But, I think we may be getting some colder air this weekend! Yay!!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!! Sweater weather!

Ok. I’m back.

On a completely different topic ( aren’t you glad 🙂 I have lost my voice. One of the most frustrating things a girl can do is lose her voice. And have to talk. Very loudly. You get the picture. It happens every year around this same time. I lose my voice and then I have to do a lot of talking. So, I sound like a hoarse, old man. Yeah. I basically had to whisper shout to the woman at the shoe store. She needed me to spell my name and she couldn’t hear me at all. I finally pulled out my drivers license.

So, other than irregular weather and no voice ( insert angry face here ), everything is peachy here. How are things with you?

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  • Beautiful! I love this look!

  • I LOVE those booties! So cute!

  • I own those identical booties in blue. I have them on in today's post. You look so cute. Adorable skirt and sweater. Love the sweater and rings.

    Happy Halloween Ashleigh. You got anything planned?

  • this is an adorable outfit! all of your rings are so pretty too!


  • This is such a cute printed skirt! 🙂 It's so nice with the boots.

    Sorry to hear you've lost your voice, hope you get it back soon! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

  • CUTE skirt!

  • I'm with you in the lost voice club. I HATE it when the temps drop for that reason.

    that yellow square ring is soo pretty!

  • Eep! I love this! The skirt is so pretty, and I love it paired with neutrals, especially the sweater and belt.

  • I lost my voice for the first time last year and it was no fun at all! I had to make some important phone call and nobody could hear me. lol. Your outfit is so perfect for Fall!