consignment shopping

consignment shopping consignment shopping consignment shopping consignment shopping consignment shopping


Hello Lovelies!


Ever wonder how your friends found that super cute top at Goodwill or those adorable pants at a local consignment shop? I used to be so envious of people who could just walk in a store and find something stylish and low priced when I could only find outdated, faded, and worn out clothes.

However, with time and patience, I’ve formed a system for buying used clothing and it really works. Today, I’m going to share that system with you.


First off, I divide all used clothing stores into to two categories, used clothing shops ( such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. ) and high end consignment ( think used boutique clothing shops ). I’ll share my methods for both.



Used Clothing Shops

1. Look for labels.

Yes, this may sounds silly, but when you buy used clothing, look for high end labels. If you don’t know what that is, here’s a list I’ve linked to. Chances are whoever donated the high end item, probably took better care of it than the person who donated a dress from Target. People who shop for name brands are just going to take better care of their clothing. And, if you ever want to resell the item, name brands go for so much more online than generic labels.

2. Try before you buy.

I know, this one is pretty much a no-brainer. And mean who buys clothing without trying it on? *guiltily hangs head* I am famous for eyeballing things, getting them home and then they don’t fit. And there’s nothing worse than having a closet full of clothing that doesn’t fit you properly. Be sure to assess each item and ask yourself if you really love it. This will keep you from buying things and then regretting it later on.


High End Consignment

1. Only shop sales.

Yes, this sounds silly. I mean, it’s consignment, it’s already on sale, right? Well, yes and no. When buying from high end consignment, you’re still purchasing used clothing, so the price should be reasonable, not new clothing amounts. Just because it’s name brand, doesn’t mean you should pay $50 for it.

2. Limit yourself.

When I go consignment shopping, I can really burn a hole in my wallet. I’ve adopted a routine recently that really works and keeps me from emptying my bank account every time I go shopping. I start by thinking if there is anything in my closet that I really need. I then choose 3-4 items from various clothing racks. After trying them on to see if they fit, I narrow down my choices to one item. Yes ladies, I only purchase one. This way, I buy the one I truly love. By limiting myself to one item, I cut down on my spending, keep superfluous clothes from piling up in my closet and I get more wear out of what I already have.

3. Think ahead.

When I purchase clothing I typically try to think of a few months to a year down the road. Is it a classic piece that I will wear again and again, or will it go out of style in a year or two? If the item is trendy, I will spend significantly less on it than if it is classic.


I hope these tips were helpful to you. Happy Shopping!


consignment shopping

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  • Great tips! 🙂 I love your dress too – and I have that same necklace 🙂

    We don’t have any consignment clothing stores here but we do have thrift shops and I always have to try things on or I’m never happy when I get home, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Abby Castro

    Super cute dress and love the classic wedges to go with it!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

  • I’ll have to try these out next time I go consignment shopping. I’m terrible at it, and in all honesty, just don’t have the patience to really look (or at least not at the larger ones like Goodwill).

    Arielle from Casual ‘n Couture

  • Celia M. High Heeled Life

    Thanks for these great tips!! – you look great … the dress is so pretty. And who can’t use a little Starbucks – great givaway..

  • Celia M. High Heeled Life

    fav Starbucks beverage – hot chocolate!!

  • Katey Haines

    Great tips! I don’t go consignment shopping to often, but learned so much from this post!
    Tuesday Fashion Party Link Up

  • Katey Haines

    My fave Starbucks drink, caramel latte with skim milk in the Winter, iced caramel macchiato with skim milk in the Summer!! Guess I have a thing for caramel!!!

  • Sara

    Definitely going to be using all these tips. My friend somehow always gets the good stuff so hopefully that’ll finally be me!


  • Fabulous outfit! Styled beautifully!

  • I am LOVING that dress!! It’s perfect and you could easily style it so many ways!


  • Great tips and I love your whole look, the dress is so pretty on you! I’m hosting my first ever Wednesday Linkup and hope you can stop by!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  • ADA

    What a cute dress and wedges. Both are perfect for Summer. I enjoyed reading all your tips on consignment shopping – something I am not good at. I run a linkup on Thursdays, I would love for you to join me tomorrow. Thanks, Ada. =)

  • Jennifer S.

    Definitely caramel macchiatos!

  • fashionistamomma

    This is so true! I love the only shop sales. Sometimes shopping the high end I get so frustrated because I could go buy brand new for the same price at Zara. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

  • These are all great points, I like used clothing shopping too, but yes get frustrated when I find only junk…great post!

  • Kristin Kohler

    That bag is a great find from Goodwill! I think secondhand stores are great places to get work totes like that one…sometimes you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a nice bag that you are going to be tossing around and putting snacks, laptops, and pens without caps in all the time.
    The outfit looks great! I would never guess anything was used!

  • These were great tips. I love consignment and thrift shopping. 😉 xx-S

  • Awesome tips! I love scoring a great deal at a consignment shop 🙂

  • That dress is fantastic!

  • Happinessatmidlife

    Great tips, I wished i had more time to shop in stores because I know you can find some gems in second hand clothing.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!


  • These are great tips! I’ve never shopped at a consignment store but now I might try it out