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Hello Lovelies!


If you’re in the U.S. Happy 4th of July! And if you’re somewhere else, thanks for stopping by. 😀 Here’s a 4th outfit for some inspo.


Ok, now to tackle the title of this post. You’ve all been there. You go to a website because the description on Pinterest sounded amazing, or the blog’s name is something super unique and different. But, you start to scroll down and quickly realize this person ( whoever they are ) has a really boring blog and you click away.

You’ve done it or maybe even you feel like you are it. But don’t panic! I’ve got a few tips for what I look for in a blog post and what will keep me on your site longer.


1 | There are no pictures.

I cannot tall you how many websites I’ve gone to because I found a super awesome graphic on Pinterest and clicked through, only to find miles of text and no pictures. I know that not everyone is a photographer and I totally get that, but even pictures with an iPhone help to break up paragraphs of text.

2 | There are no paragraphs.

Another one that sort of goes hand in hand with the above, when there are no paragraphs, there is no reading. Huge chunks of text, even with pictures, is not something I’m willing to wade through. If you have a lot to say, break it up into smaller paragraphs and use headers ( ahem ). Adding numbers is even better.

3 | The font is weird.

This is one that I’m always puzzled about. I understand the Monotype Corsiva is really pretty, but readability wise, it’s pretty awful. When writing posts, stick with plain text. Also, always pick an easy color to read as well. I once visited a blog who’s writing was in bright purple, and even though the blog was super interesting, it was completely awful to read.


I hope these were helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment! I love hearing from my readers.

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  • Abby Castro

    What a cute outfit – love that simple dress. I also agree on all three points. Photos really help to provide visual to the words being written. Plus, fonts that are unprofessional are not good at all, not just for readership but for branding too. That is one I’m very particular about!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

  • naughtyfortydiaries

    I agree. I love the photos … More the merrier ( the bigger the better) and font size is a biggy too.
    Great outfit , love you dress
    Tracey #iwillweatwhatilike

  • Amen to these tips. I often turn away from blogs that use other peoples photos (not their own) or I turn away from blogs that are nothing but advertisement this and that with no genuine post on life. You look amazing here and happy belated 4th.

    Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”
    Rachel xo

  • I totally agree on all of the points! Long paragraphs are so hard to dig into without a photo, but if I do write one, I usually warn people hahaha. You look fabulous in this red dress! Hope to see you at my Wednesday Inspirations Linkup.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  • Totally agree with these! A good mix of photos and content is key! Love your red dress! Such a pretty look!

    Doused In Pink

  • Mary

    I totally agree with all of these…especially the text! Not sure why you would pick a cursive font for the main text. I love your swing dress!

  • Thanks for sharing these few tips. #PersonalStyleLinkUp

  • mummabstylish

    Thank you for sharing, lovely dress. Nice to meet up, Jacqui

  • Kristin Kohler

    Great tips! I feel like when I’m writing a post I either have way too much text or too little. Hopefully one day I’ll get it right in the middle.
    Cute look!

  • Couldn’t agree more with all three!
    Making the Most of Every Day

  • Loving your pretty and retro red tent dress, and that hat totally makes this outfit! I like your blog pointers too. Another huge issue that keeps me away from blogs is long download time because of so many ads bogging it down…my time is too valuable and there are too many fast-loading blogs (like yours!) to have to put up with that. –Ginger

  • Savvy Southern Chic

    That hat is adorable! Great tips! It’s all about balance. I hate seeing too many photos and nothing to read, and also don’t like too little.

  • haha! Great tips esp with the font. And beautiful dress!

  • So true! If I go to a blog and there is an endless amount of text, I feel overwhelmed and tap out! I can get wordy, too, when writing a post, so I always keep in mind that if I don’t want to read a super long post then probably not too many other people want that either. Thanks for confirming what I already suspected. These are great tips and I will keep them in mind! By the way, super cute dress and I love those barely there nude sandals.

  • Happinessatmidlife

    I agree with all of your points. I never understand difficult to read fonts and bugs me so much when people use it for work too.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!



  • Anna Marcus

    Very helpful comments, I am sure you have many more important tips up your sleeve and would like to hear them. The dress is adorable

  • That dress is super cute! Love how you styled it.

  • Lanae Bond

    That is a cute dress and love your hat too!

  • Adorable dress!!

  • Julia Nyanyo

    Can I add not having a tiny font too? Some of us slightly older people like to be able to read without having to peer at the screen!
    I love the dress colour with the neutral shoes, a classy combo.

  • Thanks for linking up with the Trend Spin Linkup!


  • Mother Daughter

    I so agree with what you pointed out. Plus I have been to blogs that have so much going on it won’t load, and if it does everything is in slow motion. The print is also another one of my pet peeves, if I have a hard time reading it or it has too much verbiage I just move on. I worry mine is the boring one. lol

  • I agree with all your points Ashleigh! I wanted to let you know that that I Feel Pretty link up is back on Wednesdays! I’d love it if you’d stop by and link up with me. Every blog that links up in July will be entered to win a $250 Nordstrom gift card. xoxo Alison


  • These are great tips! I don’t like reading big chunks of text either. I like when it’s split up with photos or headers