Top :: Talbots ( old )
Shorts :: JCrew ( old )
Shoes :: The Mint Julep // similar
Watch :: Overstock // similar







Hello Lovelies!

You know one of my favorite things to experiment with is patterns. There are just so many of them!

When pattern mixing first became a thing, I was really nervous about trying it. I keep thinking, ‘what if people think I look weird?’ or ‘I’ve never tried this and I don’t want to pair something that doesn’t look good together’.

Well, I finally dipped my toe in the pattern mixing pool. I tried plaid and houndstooth together and it actually turned out alright.

I just followed the basic pattern mixing rules.

1. One large, one small. One way is to mix two patterns of different sizes. If you have a large floral print skirt, for instance, than you would pair it with a small striped top.

2. Pair similar colors. If your prints are around the same size, you can still pair them. They just need to have one color in common.

3. Large on the bottom, small on top. If you are pairing two different sized patterns, make sure the larger pattern is on the bottom, otherwise the outfit looks unbalanced.

Just follow these simple rules and you’ll be mixing in now time!

Have you ever mixed patterns? Comment and tell me about it.

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  • lovely shirt, and those shorts are too cute! Polka dots rule! You've mixed and matched very well 😉

  • love the stripes and the polka dot! so cute!

  • This is so pretty and feminine! Love that top! Susan

  • Mixing patterns is such a fun way to spice up an outfit. I love the subtle mix you have here.

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  • I may be a little obsessed with this top – I cannot believe it is from Talbots! Who knew Talbots could hit a home run with ruffles, collar, pinstripes and the 3/4 sleeve all in one?! And the way you matched with the polka dot shorts? So perfect for spring/summer/warm weather! Love it!

    Clare | Understated Classics