Hello Lovelies!

This post is aptly named How NOT To Take Blog Photos. The more I looked at the these, the more I cringe. I mean everything is bad.

However, the reason I’m showing you these is to prove that fashion bloggers ( me ) do not always have it together.

  Let’s start with the first image. It’s not terrible, but the background doesn’t really accentuate the colors of the outfit and it kind of distracts from what I want you to notice. The same is true for pictures 4 and 6. The background is really poor.

Now for these close up shots. They need more styling. I’m standing in two very similar poses and although thats not actually a bad thing, in this case, it’s just boring. I needed to do more with my hands and I also needed another prop ( purse, watch, bracelet, something! ).

Also, the lighting is hitting the side of my face. Very unflattering. It’s casting shadows and making one side of my face look washed out.



And lastly, this closeup of the scarf. This should have been my hero image, but instead it looks like it was taken with a phone camera and not my Nikon. The light hitting the scarf is causing shadows and it’s also washing out the scarf’s colors.

I thought when I took this I was amply shaded. I guess not.


Moral of this blog post, don’t accept sub-par blog photos. I was in a hurry on this particular day and I chose a bad spot without thinking it through and I rushed through the pictures without really checking to make sure they looked good.

Always check and double check your photos after taking them. Don’t just assume ( hangs head in shame ) that because they are clear, they are passible. First off, photos should never be passible, they should be the best. Secondly, they should also wow you. Yes, you as the photographer should look at your photos and think ‘These look amazing! I can’t believe I took that’.

So please learn from my mistake(s) above and don’t repeat them. Please, just don’t.

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  • Eeck! Thanks for this! Right now I'm stuck in the bathroom blog photo rut! I am hoping to get one of those wrap-around tripod things for my phone once I upgrade to the 6s. But right now the only place I have to take photos is at work and the bathroom. I've read some things on how to take good bathroom photos… which I know sounds contradictory. But I'm trying to follow that until I can get something better going. Would love your feedback! Glad to have found your blog on today's linkup!


  • I'm trying my best to take better blog photos. We could always use some tips! Thanks for these 🙂

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  • I looked at the first photo and I was like "what's wrong with the background, its really pretty". Then I realised that was your point. I was looking at the back ground rather than the focal point. Fab tip although if these are your bad photos, I don't think you have anything to worry about lol 🙂 #allaboutyou

  • Jas

    Non bloggers have no clue how much effort it takes to create a good photo. Same rules apply for the food photography. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.

  • THANK YOU for all the tip!

    Happy Medley

  • Very well said, thanks for your tips here. Lovely scarf!
    Rachel xo
    Thanks for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired me"
    Garay Treasures

  • I have this problem sometimes too. I definitely like some posts way more than others, but I actually don't think these photos are so bad !

  • Great tips. thanks for sharing! 🙂

    I noticed that it is a process and you learn the most by doing and by being honest and critical towards yourself. You actually take your pics yourself.. whereas in my case, my friends will do that. Fortunately, they understand why I want them to re-do some of the shots. 😉

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