101 IN 1001

Ok, so I’ve been seeing these all around the interent and decided I would compile one myself.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

101 in 1001 is 101 things in 1001 days. I started mine January 1st, 2015. Hopefully, I’ll make it through all of them. I have 2 years and 94 days. That puts me ending this challenge on April 4, 2017.

UPDATE: Ok, so I might have forgotten when this ended. I honestly didn’t expect to do half things on this list. As it is, I completed 48 out of the 101. I’m shocked! Thats almost half. I really want to do this again, with some slightly more attainable goals, so I’m redoing the list below, but also leaving the old one for comparison. Start date is Oct. 1st, 2017 and end date is Jan. 2nd, 2020. Here I go!

  1. Travel to the mountains
  2. Go on a canoeing trip
  3. Drink every type of tea at Starbucks
  4. Start a photography business
  5. Travel to somewhere on the Pacific coast
  6. Meet someone special
  7. Meet a singer
  8. Fall in love
  9. Get married
  10. Pay off my car
  11. Buy a new office desk
  12. Move into my own apartment
  13. Enter a 5k
  14. Organize my shoes
  15. Save for moving out
  16. Fly in a plane
  17. Grow my blog’s readership to 10k a month
  18. Grow my Instagram to 100k
  19. Cultivate my hobbies
  20. Spend more time in God’s Word
  21. Become involved with one church activity
  22. Be a bridesmaid
  23. Build relationships with 2 major companies through my blog
  24. Attend a blog conference
  25. Be featured by a magazine
  26. Take a sponsored blog trip
  27. Start a YouTube channel
  28. Create a web series
  29. Make a connection with one, prominent blogger
  30. Visit one blogger in her home town
  31. Take a trip across the country
  32. Visit the Grand Canyon
  33. Meet a celebrity
  34. Work from home full time
  35. Cook dinner for someone
  36. Attend a sponsored blogger event
  37. Travel to New England
  38. Buy a house
  39. Invest in a house/property
  40. Establish credit ( I know, crazy )
  41. Travel to Pacific Coast
  42. Stay in a ski chalet
  43. Stay somewhere snowy
  44. Start a blog series
  45. Create a hashtag
  46. Road Trip across the US
  47. Meet another blogger I admire
  48. Move to another city
  49. Try a new dish
  50. Tour a cavern/cave



The crossed through ones are finished and the highlighted ones are in progress.

1. Shoot in manual focus for an entire blog post
2. Take archery lessons
3. Write a short story
4. Empty my refashions bag
5. Organize my clothes
6. Buy a new lens for Betty ( my camera )
7. Finish DIY project sitting around my room
8. Audition for a talent show
9. Organize desk
10. Organize my drawers
11. Buy blog domain
12. Redesign blog
13. Make connections with several large clothing companies
14. Gain more than 1, 000 followers on one social media
15. Guest post on someone else’s blog
16. Take a photography course
17. Do a black and white blog post
18. Start a YouTube channel
19. Dye something using the tea method
20. Dye something using the coffee method
21. Make curtains for my bedroom
22. Buy new chair for my desk
23. Personalize desk area
24. Regulate my work out routine
25. Learn to cook
26. Visit Europe
27. Visit New York
28. Visit 5 museums
29. Learn to speak French
30. Learn to ice skate
31. Fly in an airplane
32. Learn to waltz
33. Attend a fashion show
34. Meet someone iconic
35. Do a 30-day braid challenge
36. Do a $20 makeup challenge
37. Donate money to a worthy cause
38. Hold a yard sale
39. Bake cookies for the neighbors
40. Meet another blogger in person
41. Try a different kind of makeup
42. Cut my hair short ( I’m scared to try this )
43. Make soy wax candles
44. Take a trip across the country
45. Visit the Grand Canyon
46. Get a permanent, well paying job
47. Eat something very exotic
48. Visit an art gallery
49. Right some poetry
50. Learn to play guitar
51. Write a song
52. Redo my bedroom floor
53. Sing a solo to a large audience
54. Take a hike in the mountains
55. Take blog photos on the beach
56. Take blog photos in the mountains
57. Try every kind of tea at Starbucks
58. Buy one very expensive, non-practical item
59. Take an Instagram fashion challenge
60. Take photos of the same outfit in all four seasons
61. Meet a celebrity
62. Help someone in need
63. Give out gifts on my birthday
64. See a show on Broadway
65. Do the One Hundred Days Of Happiness challenge
66. Try every color of one brand of lipstick
67. Write letters to the people who have inspired me the most
68. Write a letter to myself and then read it one year later
69. Eat a healthier diet
70. Get into a regular Bible reading routine
71. Travel to Australia
72. Stand with my feet in two different states
73. Do a photoshoot with a friend
74. Pray more
75. Read all of Jane Austen’s books back to back
76. Read more
77. Take blog photos on main street
78. Go to dinner with my girlfriends for Valentines Day
79. Cook dinner for someone
80. Beauty blog more
81. Go to at least one of the places on my Pinterest travel board
82. Complete all of the sewing projects on my list
83. Do something unpredictable
84. Plant a flower
85. Change the colors on my blog to reflect the seasons
86. Learn how to properly edit photos
87. Make a media kit for my blog
88. Make ten different outfits with one pair of shoes
89. Visit the Eiffel Tower
90. Send someone flowers
91. Send birthday cards to friends
92. Knit an infinity scarf
93. Become good friends with another blogger
94. Organize my bedroom
95. Paint bedroom furniture
96. Clean out my closet
97. Donate time to charity work
98. Visit a friend in another state
99. Buy a car
100. Enter a dessert competition
101. Live in the present
So, what do you think? I’m excited to try doing all of these. Challenge accepted!