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slow down slow down

slow down

Hello Lovelies!

We live in such a fast-paced society. Everything is ‘right now’, ‘hurry up’, and ‘works even faster’. Sometimes, we miss the small moments that could mean so much, if we would only slow down.

I’m sharing 5 tips on how to slow down and enjoy the moment.


1 | Don’t start more than one project at a time.

I know it’s so tempting to want to try every single thing you see on Pinterest. But honestly, it’s much more enjoyable to begin one project and see it through to the end. Starting multiple projects ( especially ones with deadlines ) can cause undue stress and pressure to complete all of them at once and well done. Working on one thing at a time will allow you to relax and give it your best.


2 | Plan ahead.

There is nothing worse than planning to attend a function, dressing up, and then realizing that you can’t find your shoes. Or you are going to a party and you’ve mislaid the gift you’re bringing. Plan for the worst and usually it won’t come. Put items where they will be found instantly the night before. Or, better yet, put the item in the car, if it isn’t bothered by the weather. This way, you can relax and know exactly where everything is.


slow down

3 | Give yourself plenty of time to arrive.

This kind of goes hand in hand with the above paragraph. You’ve gotten everything together, but now you realize that you’re going to be fifteen minutes late. Always give yourself more time than you need to get ready and arrive at your destination. It’s better to be five minutes early then fifteen minutes late.


4 | Fresh, not frozen.

Or boxed. Cooking is literally one of my least favorite things to do, but taking the time to prepare something healthy is so much better for you than just throwing a frozen dinner in the microwave. Healthy meals means more nutrients for your body and more energy to complete your daily tasks. When your body is properly fed, you will feel more rested and relaxed, even when working. You also feel better when you’ve taken your vitamins. Centrum Vitamints in the new flavor Raspberry ( found at your local Walmart ) can be taken to promote overall health. And, they’re super compact, so they fit right in your purse. You’ll never forget to take them again.


slow down


5 | Take time out for you.

The most important relaxation time spent, is you-time. Being alone can let your brain recharge and give you an over-all boost. Even extraverts need time to recharge their batteries. Alone time relaxes the mind and in turn, the body. Listening to soothing music, reading a book, and even just flipping through a magazine will help you to wind down. Disengage from social media for a while. Your brain will thank you.


slow down


If mints aren’t your thing, Centrum MultiGummies are great as well. I don’t know about you, but colorful vitamins are way more fun to take than white, chalky ones. Centrum MultiGummies not only look colorful and fun, but also taste great.


slow down


So, are someone who speeds through life, or takes things leisurely? Do you like taking your vitamins or would you like to try something different? If so, check out this page for some amazing coupons from Centrum. Enjoy staying healthy with simple solutions like Centrum Gummies and Vitamints.


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