Hello Lovelies!  Last Saturday, I shared with you the 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows product from Billion Dollar Brows.

Today, I’m sharing another great set of products from BDB. Their Best Sellers Kit includes a pencil, brush, highlighter/concealer, and clear brow gel.

I’ve included a tutorial below, showing how I used the products.


STEP 1. Start with your basic makeup face.
STEP 2. Take the pencil and color in your brow.
Take the spool end and lightly smudge the pencil.
STEP 3. Take the highlighter end and draw a line above and below your arch in your brow.


I took my finger and blended it in, but you could use a sponge or brush.
STEP 4. Take the brush and lightly brand brow pencil into lashes.


STEP 5. Lastly, take the clear gel and comb lashes into desired shape.


And there you have it!
Do the other brow and you’re finished. Remember, your brows are sisters, not twins. It’s alright if they don’t match perfectly.


Check out the Billion Dollar Brows website and tell me which product you would like to try the most.

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Thanks to Billion Dollar Brows and BrandBacker for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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