Hello Lovelies!


Here is part four of my Wantable review. Along with having a fitness and style box, they also have a makeup subscription. It was a lot of fun filling out the question as to what’s I like and then seeing what they had included in my box.


I tried all the products and ended up only keeping one, but I’ll go through all of them for you.


1 . Bella Blender – This one worked so well at moving the makeup around smoothly. I kept it.


2 . Eddie Funkhouser foundation – I like the formula for this one, but it was the wrong shade. It went back.


3 . Sugar mascara – This went on fairly well, but by the middle of the day, it had all come off. It went back.


4 . Sugar red lip paint – This would have been a keeper, but for the fact that it dried my lips out so much. It went back.


5 . Spellbound nail polish – I’m not sure what’s kind of polish this is, but it really dried strangely. It went on shiny and then dried matte. It actually looked like it dried into my nails. It went back.


So, have I peaked your interest ? Want to know more about Wantable? Check out the link above and let me know if you love Wantable as much as I do!

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