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Hello Lovelies!

I hope everyone has had a good week. Mine was a bit up and down. The weather changed several times, going from warm to cold and back again, I found out I had three cavities at the dentist today, and I decided to cut sugar out of my diet.

All in all, it’s been a little bit crazy.

But, you didn’t come to hear me rant. One of the most important things I think for any woman is having a proper morning routine.

What do I mean by a proper morning routine? Well, taking the necessary steps each day to have beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. Today, I’m sharing my morning routine that I use everyday.


1 | Start with a good face wash. I typically do this right after brushing my teeth, so I don’t have to dry my face twice. I use Olay Active Botanicals Refreshing Gel Cleanser. It has a really light fragrance that is non-irritating and it gently cleanses without drying the skin.

2 | Next, use a toner. My favorite is Pixie Beauty Glow Tonic. I literally fell in love with this stuff the minute I tried it. It smells amazing, has a cooling effect on the skin, got rid of my breakouts, and lasts a really long time. If you haven’t, you should definitely try this out.

3 | While my toner is drying into my face, I apply my eye cream. I’m not using it in the pictures, but Clinique’s All About Eyes Rich is one of my favorites. It really moisturizes without leaving a greasy feel and drys into the skin under the eyes, leaving them soft and hydrated.

4 | Lastly, I apply my face cream. F.A.B. Skin Rescue Daily Face Cream is one of the best and really affordable. I have really sensitive skin and this cream not only is oil and dye free, but also does not contain parabens, sulfates, or GMO’s. It really moisturizes and lasts all day.


I’ve been doing this routine for a few years now and it works really well. Of course, I’m coming from a sensitive, combination, and eczema prone skin type. Those with really dry or really oily skin might want to tweet these directions a little. However, the order I use the products in is a really good method and I think fairly universal.

Leave a comment telling me about your morning routine. Happy Weekend!

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