Hello Lovelies!
  You ever buy a hot drink at your favorite place and you go to pick up the cup and hand is nearly singed off? Ok, maybe not singed, but very close?
  Well, today I’m sharing the remedy for that.
  You will need :
  – felt
  – fabric glue
  – scissors
  – needles
  – thread
  – string elastic ( like this )
  – buttons
  – rickrack ( optional )
  – coffee sleeve ( like they give you at Starbucks )
1. Tanke your sleeve and trace it onto a piece of felt.
2. Cut out your cozies.
3. If you desire to, you can glue some rickrack along the top and bottom or add any detailing you want at this point.
4. Sew a button onto one end.
5. Make a loop the size of your button with the elastic. Sew it onto the other end.
And there you have it! Your very own personalized cozy. And because of the elastic, it will fit any size cup. Enjoy!





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