DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch

DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch



DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch

DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch



DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch

DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch



DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch DIY No-Sew Striped ClutchDIY No-Sew Striped Clutch

Hello Lovelies!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m starting to get a little bit excited. Not that I have big plans or anything, but Valentine’s can a be fun day no matter what stage of life you are in.


If you saw my outfit post from last week, you will have noticed a striped clutch I was sporting. I really had a lot of fun making it and I thought it would be a great DIY to share on the blog. So without further ado, lets get started!

P.S. The pictures above are in the order of the directions.

Collect all items in the first picture.

  • canvas fabric ( this is for durability )
  • scissors
  • painter’s tape
  • velcro
  • stitch witchery
  • gold paint
  • sponge brush
  • iron
  • fabric glue ( I recommend Farbitac )

Things not pictured:

  • measuring tape
  • interfacing
  • cardstock

Note: Before I begin, I didn’t make my clutch with interfacing and it is rather limp. In oder to make your clutch usable, I would definitely suggest ironing interfacing onto your canvas after cutting and before you glue the edges down with stitch witchery.


1 | First, cut a rectangle of fabric 26.5″ by 13.5″. { Picture 1 }

2 | Next, iron a piece of interfacing onto the fabric you just cut. { Not pictured }

3 | Iron all edges down with a strip of stitch witchery cut in half down the middle. The fusible web would be about a 1/4 inch. { Picture 2 }

4 | Measure up from one end of your rectangle long ways 19.5″. Mark with a sharpie. Do the same on the other side. Then, bring the two corners to the middle till the touch, making the pointed envelope shaped top. { Picture 3 }

5 | Iron both side down with stitch witchery. I put a piece under the folded edge and along the inside edges. { Picture 4 }

6 | Fold the bottom edge up until it meets the folded down top edges. Iron the bottom to make the bottom of the clutch. { Picture 5 }

7 | Iron the sides together with stitch witchery. Allow everything to cool. { Picture 6 }

8 | After it’s all cooled, fold the pointed top down and iron to make a crease. Your clutch should look like a filed envelope now. Allow to cool again. { Picture 7 }

9 | Once everything is cooled off, make along the pointed top fold of your envelope the amount and size of your striped with painters tape. Be sure to secure it so the paint doesn’t seep underneath. { Picture 8 }

10 | Place a piece of card stock underneath the flap of your clutch as well as underneath. This is to ensure you don’t paint the other parts of your clutch.Paint your stripes in and allow to dry. You should only need one coat. { Picture 9-10 }

11 | After everything has dried, glue your velcro pieces to the inside of the flap and the fabric under the flap. Place a piece of card stock inside the clutch so the glue doesn’t go through the other side. Allow to dry. { Picture 11 } 


And there you have it! A beautiful, striped clutch to compliment your Valentine’s Date Night outfit. And for more Valentine’s inspiration, check out my makeup tutorial for tips on the perfect, romantic look.



DIY No-Sew Striped Clutch

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