Statement Bangle

Hello Lovelies!

I hope that everyone’s week has gone well.

Bangles are a really big trend right now and I’ve been wanting a cute one for some time. Well, recently I stumbled upon a website called Darby Smart where crafters from all over the world submit their projects. You request to become a Darby Designer and, if accepted, 1. You send them a link to a project you have already made, or 2. You tell them an idea and they will send products from their site to make it. Is that not the coolest thing?!

So I decided I wanted to design a bangle. The best part about it is that it’s super simple and it’s pretty inexpensive. So, I’m going to share with you my design and give you the chance to make one of your own.

*In this tutorial, all the products I’m using ( except the fabric glue ) are from Darby. You can purchase these items from their site here.*

You will need

  – Bangle ( gold or silver )

  – T-shirt yarn ( or an old t-shirt cut into one long strip )

  – Scissors

  – Fabric glue that will adhere to metal

  Step 1: Take your yarn and measure it by wrapping it around your bangle as many times as as thick as you want. Then cut it. I measured mine after I cut and it fell in the neighborhood of 56″.
  Step 2: Start wrapping the yarn around your bangle. DON’T GLUE ANYTHING YET.
  Step 3: Once you have one layer of yarn wrapped around the bangle, hold it in place with your fingers and adjust it to where it’s exactly in the middle of your bangle. I illustrate this in the next few pictures.



  Step 4: Once your yarn layer is centered, glue down the beginning strand and the ending strand, but DO NOT cut anything. You don’t have to worry about glue or raw edges because the next layer of yarn will cover it up.
  Step 5: Start wrapping the next layer over the top of the first, making sure to cover up the gaps make by the first layer.
  Step 6: Here is where I stopped, but you could go on adding as many layers as you like. Take the end of the yarn and glue it to the layer of fabric beneath it, as illustrated below.
  Step 7: Cut off an excess yarn and let the glue dry.

And you are finished! Now you have a beautiful statement bangle that can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans, or a dress and heels for date night. No matter how you wear it, you have a great statement piece thats all your own. ( *P.S. I will be wearing this very soon with an outfit, so you can see how I style it* )




Thanks to Darby Smart for sponsoring this post. 

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