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Hello Lovelies!


So, have any of you ever wished that the gift bags you have received over the years were actually durable to use for other things? Or, have you ever just wanted your gift bags to last through multiple giftings and not wear out?

Well, you are in luck! When I found these bags, I couldn’t believe that they actually made things like this. Imagine a gift bag that can also be a grocery bag, lunch bag, or even just a decorative bag to wear on your arm.

Scout bags are literally so easy for gifting, and they are super cute for everyday use, whether its a quick change up to match your outfit, or a bag to hold your beach stuff, these bags take home the prize for being not only functional, but super pretty too.

And honestly, there is a bag for every occasion on their website. I had such a hard time narrowing down my choices. I went with a stripes and gold theme, as that seemed to fit with my style. But check out the link above or below for a full list of all their items.

Have you ever heard of Scout bags? What did you think?


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