Hello Lovelies!
  With the weather finally getting colder, it’s time to start bundling up. However, wearing a million layers is now only uncomfortable, but also unattractive.
  So, how do you keep warm and stay cute? I’ve got three tips below, just for that.

  1. Jackets – One of the easier ways of keeping warm is having a jacket to throw on over the top of your outfit. You get the benefit of the extra layer without bulking up.


2. Scarves – Right now blanket scarves are all the rage and my favorite thing to accessorize with. Again, keeps you warm without being inconvenient.


3. Booties – This is a major one for me. When my feet aren’t properly covered, I constantly cold. wearing boots or booties is perfect for keeping warm and staying fashionable.


I hope these tips were helpful. Leave me a comment telling me how you stay warm and fashionable.



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