Hello Lovelies!
  I’ve been wanting to do a beauty post for a while now and I finally chose a topic.
  I have discovered that I cannot go for very long without any of these things being in my bag. I guess you could call them my essentials. There are a few others I travel around with, but these are the main five I really don’t think I could do without.



  1. Sunglasses – I can’t really see in the summer without them, walking or driving. They’re a must.

2. Lint roller – So many of my clothing pieces attract lint like no tomorrow, so being able to get rid of it is really nice.

3. Blotting Sheets – In the summer, my makeup will start running together if I don’t remove the excess oil on my face. These blotting sheets are amazing in that they remove the oil without removing the makeup.

4. Lotion – My hands get really dry in the winter, so being to moisturize right after I wash my hands with a fragrance and oil free lotion is perfect.

  5. Lippy Organizer – This is the best thing I ever started using. I used to have to hunt all over the bottom of my purse for my lip balm, but not anymore. All my lip products are in one place now.
So, what are some things you can’t go without in your bag?


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