cozy for the holidays

cozy for the holidays

cozy for the holidays

cozy for the holidays

cozy for the holidays

cozy for the holidays

cozy for the holidays



Hello Lovelies!


It’s finally reached that time of year where we break out the blankets and hot apple cider, while sitting in front of crackling fireplaces and listening to soft jazz.

Did I just take you to another place?

Me too. Nothings better than being able to relax and enjoy the moment. And enjoying the moment usually involves for me burrowing into a blanket, turning on my favorite tunes and drinking a ton of hot tea and cider.

Here are my top fives ways to stay cozy for the holidays.


1 | Hot tea.

Did I mention I’m British at heart? Seriously, nothing in the world thrills my heart more than a delicious hot tea. It has to be the right kind though. Something light, but at the some time very flavorful. ( Look for a favorite hot drinks post soon. )

2 | Blankets.

My blanket I made in high school out of fleece is still my favorite and I still use it. Every. Single. Day.

3 | Campfires.

These just cheer my heart and make me feel so safe. Campfires for me embody friendship, sharing secrets, and family get togethers.

4 | Coffee shops.

Yes, you can’t stay home with this one, but seriously, nothing is more fun than heading to your local coffee shop and chilling while having some me time, or even meeting up with friends.

5 | Pajamas.

These are the bomb! I literally don’t wear anything else when I’m not working. Seriously, don’t come to my house. I look scary. Just kidding.

However, if you’re looking for super cute and cozy pajamas, head over to Adore Me. They’re winter line is so pretty and fun! And if cozy ins’t your style, they’ve got some fun, flirty things too. Head on over and check them out! And since today is Black Friday, they’re running some great sales. So what are you waiting for?


How do you stay cozy for the holidays? I would love to hear from you!



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