Hello Lovelies!

I cannot believe it’s back to school time again. The summer flew by so quickly.

When I was in school, this time of year was my favorite. I distinctly remember shopping for pencils and notebooks and thinking about the latest fashions and haircuts that everyone was wearing. Every year, I loved the fall feeling that came with back to school.

The one thing I missed and wished I had when I was in school was a backpack. Being homeschooled, I didn’t actually need one, but I wanted one just the same. All my friends had them and they were just cool!

I am so excited today to be working with Sakroots in promoting their backpacks and planners for back to school 2015. They have over ten, beautiful designs to choose from in the backpacks and over five in the planners.

One thing I love about their planners is that they have a great layout, perfect for lots of notes and messages. The backpack is super spacious and has this awesome zipper opening in the back so you don’t have to unclasp the top! It’s also really durable and sturdy. The backpack itself comes with a pencil case and keychain. And the planner comes with a ton of colorful stickers. I feel like such a kid again. And as it turns out, I will be taking some classes in the fall, so the backpack and planner will be getting some use for actual school.

When you choose a pattern on a bag, Sakroots sends a donation to charity behind the design. I choose Spirit Desert and the charity they sent a donation to is called Wild At Heart. It’s an organization that conserves and preserves Arizona’s wildlife and helps relocate endangered animals.

Check out Sakroots new collection and tell me which pattern is your favorite! Also, when you sign up for Sakroot’s mailing list, you receive 15% off your first order. Go ahead and check them out!

( Funny side note, my computer apparently thinks that Sakroots should be Snakeroots. Go figure. )


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