One thing that really helps with my walking is having the right shoes. I’ve tried many different brands but my favorite is Asics .
  Asics have an excellent range of shoes to choose from and you can get them very discounted ( I bought mine through ). I tend to over-pronate and found these tennis shoes that had really great arch support. They don’t make the kind I’m wearing anymore, but I’ve linked to some similar ones above.


Another thing you have to consider is proper hydration. Drinking the right amount of water while you exercise is crucial. I actually didn’t so this once and had a major headache and was extremely fatigued for the rest of the day.

I love using my Camelbak water bottle when I’m walking. It’s very durable, holds a good amount of water, and never spills. It’s also really easy to carry.


Hello Lovelies!

If there’s one thing I like more than drinking tea and perusing Pinterest, it’s exercising. Talking a walk every day is something I really love and can feel the difference when I don’t.

Now, I’m not a health nut or a fitness maniac, but I do think that daily exercise and eating right really helps our bodies to feel and perform better.

I think no matter what you use, exercise should be fun and something to look forward to. What about you? What are your exercise habits?


This post is not sponsored by either Asics or Camelbak. All opinions are my own.

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