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Hello Lovelies!

Wow! Is the year nearly half-way over? I feel like it just started.

I’m really enjoying wearing jeans with heels. It’s such a sophisticated look. It’s also a great go to for anything from going out to lunch with friends to a dinner date.

Below, I’ve got a few rules I follow for wearing jeans.

Rule #1. Dark denim dresses up, light dresses down. If you’re going on a date, wear dark denim with heels, whether it’s a jacket or just jeans. This really looks chic. Wear lighter denim for a more casual look.

Rule #2. Skinny jeans with heels, boot cut with wedges. This rule is a bit more flexible. You can technically wear skinny jeans with wedges and get away with it, but heels with a boot cut jean is not the most flattering look.

Rule #3. Buy jeans that fit you. Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right pair of jeans that fit, but when you do, they’ll become your favorite pair. I have one pair that fit me perfectly and they’re in danger of being worn out.

Following these rules can make your denim experiences so much better.

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