Styling one dress

Styling one dressStyling one dressStyling one dressStyling one dressStyling one dressStyling one dressStyling one dressStyling one dress


Hello Lovelies!


Just quickly jumping onto the internet to share one dress in three different looks. I posted about this dress earlier today on Instagram and was really surprised at how everyone voted for the different looks.

I’m a huge fan of stripes and when I saw this dress at Old Navy, I knew it would make the perfect dress for work and would be versatile enough to wear for other events as well. Styling one dress multiple ways can get boring, so allow me to throw out some ideas.


Look #1

I’m not only a huge fan of striped dresses, but I also love cargo jackets. They are just the perfect edition to any outfit. Add some fun shooties and you have the perfect ‘going out for lunch with a girlfriend’ look.

Look #2

Any item of clothing I buy better look good with sneakers as they are what I wear 90% of the time when I am not at work. I threw a button down tied around my waist and a baseball cap and voila! The perfect casual shopping, or just around the house look.

Look #3

I literally think that booties are the new black. They are perfect for casual as well as dressy and they work well with every leg length and body shape. Here I added a scarf and hat ( though the hat was blocking the light on my face, so the camera wouldn’t focus, ha! ) and once the weather got cooler, you could always add a coat.


So, which look is your favorite? Do you have a go-to item of clothing that you buy every time? Are you a ‘styling one dress multiple ways’ kind of gal or would you prefer to have more options? Let me know in the comments!

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