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Hello Lovelies!


Does anyone every have a week where they plan everything and then when it comes time to execute it, everything falls apart? Or you just don’t have the energy or time? Or something else comes up that trumps your plans and it completely sets you back?

Well, my week sort of looked like that. Sometimes I wonder why I write things down, seeing as how I’m not going to see them completely through. Or maybe I’ll get one thing done, but then the rest are just there, taunting me.

However, I always try to start again on the following week, making sure to not have more plans than I can physically carry out.

On of the things I worked on more this week was taking more blog photos. It can be super awkward taking photos of yourself with a tripod and remote, but I get so excited about editing them when they’re finished that I don’t really mind getting stared at. LOL.

The day I took these was really crazy. I have this theory that wherever I stop to take photos, as soon as I get my tripod set up, even if the street was deserted before I got there, all of a sudden everyone who has ever traveled down that street will start to make their way towards me. It’s like a bad zombie movie.

Just kidding. Well, only about the zombie part. The rest is completely accurate. I think someone must give a mass signal ( my computer auto corrected this to mass sing along, which I think is way better. HAHA! ) and then the march past me starts and the cars slowing down. It’s funny sometimes the looks I get. I mean, it is me standing in front of a camera on a tripod, taking the ultimate selfie.

But, I have rambled enough. You came here for styling instructions for layered necklaces. I usually stick to the same pattern no matter what I am wearing.


Mix chunky jewelry with the delicate necklace

If I wear a necklace that is more delicate, like the one I’m wearing above from Happiness Boutique, I’ll add a chunky bracelet or watch to my wrist to balance out the look. I also like to wear larger earrings. It adds a nice contrast.

Stick with one metal

Since the necklaces are all next to each other, I would say stick with one type of metal. Mixing metal here may look a little bit tacky.

Mix it up

A layered necklace is perfect for a night out or a casual dinner with friends. It dresses up and down very easily.

Different sizes

Althought the metal should stay the same, mixing up the shapes and thicknesses of the strands and charms is a must! It makes the layering that much more fun.


If any of you are looking for delicate, layered necklaces, Hapiness Boutique is a great place to find them. I love their jewelry and like the name says, you will experience a great deal of happiness from the quality and beauty of the jewelry. They also offer free shipping and a customer reward program! And now through November 8th, when you use the code THELADYABOUTTOWN, you get 10% off your purchase! You can’t beat that. Definitely head over and check them out.

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