Sweater: Pink Blush c/o
Jeans: Old
Socks: Old







Hello Lovelies!

Nothing’s better to me than a warm sweater, fuzzy socks, and a hot cup of tea. That and getting ready for Christmas.

However, for some reason this year, I have just not been in the mood. I mean, I love spending time with my family and getting a tree and picking out presents, but something just felt off this time.

I think maybe its because I’m getting older and Christmas doesn’t hold the same magic for me like it used to when I was a child. And that makes me really sad. However, growing up isn’t a terrible thing. It’s just hard when you’re at the ‘I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my life yet’ stage.


I’ve been wanting to do some indoor pictures for Christmas. And with the white lights on our tree, I thought it would make for a great back drop. This sweater has literally become one of my favorites. I’m in danger of wearing it out. Another awesome Pink Blush find!

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