lazy day

lazy day lazy day lazy day lazy day


Hello Lovelies!


You ever have those days when all you want to do is stay in bed and not be productive? Yeah, I literally have those every day. Just kidding.

But seriously, when you do have those days, what’s the one thing you don’t want to deal with? Hair? Makeup? Yes, those are things I don’t even bother with when I’m having a lazy day.

However, the one thing I completely don’t even give a thought to is my clothing. I mean, no one’s going to see you anyway, right? Well, yes, in a way. But, learning from past experience, even on my lazy days, I tend to be a little bit productive and what usually motivates me to be so is wearing something comfortable, but also cute.

This jumpsuit from Tobi is just the ticket. It’s super soft and warm. It also has pockets and who doesn’t love those? The material has great stretch, making it perfect for lounging around and not being productive.

Check out the website here for lots of comfy clothes options ( here are a few links to some favorites: these dresses, these rompers, these skirts, these cardigans, these midi dresses, and these jumpsuits ).

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