mix it up

mix it up

mix it up mix it up mix it up

mix it up

mix it up



Hello Lovelies!


I don’t know about you, but plaid is my favorite pattern this time of year. I could literally wear it everyday! And it’s so versatile. Perfect for dressing up or down.

So, when I got the opportunity to work on a campaign with Belk and Crown & Ivy, the first thing I looked at were their plaid items. They had so many pretty things! Unfortunately, I couldn’t decide on just one plaid, so I purchased two. Then came the dilemma of how to style both of them uniquely. I then got a brilliant idea.

Why not style them together?

I looked between both items in my hands and jumped for the idea. And to make the look even more unique, both items were button-downs, so I decided to wear one on to of the other. My co-worker helped me style the sleeves and fix the collar. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result.


Like my post a few weeks ago, remember the fundamentals of pattern mixing.

1 | Both patterns need a common color.

2 | One pattern needs to be smaller than the other.


And thats it. I put one right on top of the other and loved it! It’s all about confidence and daring. Mix it up!

And Crown & Ivy is the perfect place to pick up some really pretty plaid this season. Be sure to check them out on Belk’s website and in store.

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