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maxi dress


Hello Lovelies!


How has everyone’s week been? Mine was so super full, but at the same time not really that busy. It was kind of surreal and strange feeling. Must be the weather, which FYI, fall is my favorite time of year. I get so ridiculously excited every year when this time rolls around.


And speaking of fall, I’m sure all of you are looking at your summer clothes with longing looks, thinking you won’t be able to wear them again until next summer. Especially your maxi dresses. 😀 Well, have no fear, I’ve got a solution. By layering, you can turn just about any summer piece into a fall or even winter essential.


1| Put on a jacket.

Jackets are literally one of the easiest things to add to any outfit to transition from season to season.

2| Add a scarf.

Extra layer, extra warmth.

3| Wear a winter hat.

This hat I recently got from Old Navy is the perfect versatile piece for any outfit. Plus, it actually does keep your head warm. It comes in the brown I’m wearing and also black.

4| Wear close-toed shoes.

I also got these from Old Navy as well and they are super comfortable! Perfect for wearing with dresses and jeans. They also come in black.


These are just a few easy tips to take your summer maxi dress into fall. Let me know if you think of anymore!

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