styling white

styling white styling white styling white styling white styling white styling white

styling white


Hello Lovelies!


It always cracks me up all the fashion rules that have been set in place over the years and how seriously people have taken them. I can’t really believe that at one point, women wouldn’t mix black and navy, or navy and brown. It just seems like such a silly rule.

And yet these rules were strictly adhered to for so long. I remember my mom telling me that I could not wear my white dress shoes until Easter and I just could figure out why.

Now a days, its seriously open season. You wear what you want and style it how you please. And one of the rules that has been pretty much demolished is the ‘No White After Labor Day’ rule. Especially here in the south, you can’t be stuck with dark colored clothing when the weather is still 80 degrees outside. It’s just not practical!

So, I’m sharing five ways of styling white for fall, even if it’s after Labor Day. ( Seriously, who did come up with that rule? )


1 | White denim

Such an easy and classic look. Like I have it styled above, or if you just want to wear a t-shirt and flats, white jeans are a year round staple.

2 | White midi skirt

This one is also a staple. Trade your wedges for booties and you tank top for a fitted sweater or even a loose one, if you’re feeling adventurous.

3 | White sweater

Seriously? When you live in the south, light colors are a must! I own more white sweaters than any other color.

4 | White shoes

Yes, even your shoes can be white. Go for an all black look with white pumps, or white suede booties with a jeans outfit.

5 | White accessories

A white watch or bangle adds the perfect touch a bold colored fall outfit.


If you have any ideas for styling white after Labor Day, be sure to leave a comment below! ( P.S. This is what hair looks like when you go out in the humidity after meticulously styling it. Can’t even begin to tell you about the struggle. )

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