Hello Lovelies!

Back in the spring, I discovered this adorable dress from Pink Blush and I knew I had to have it. Since then, I’ve almost worn it out. It’s become a huge staple in my closet and it’s hard for me not to pull it out to wear to every function I go to.

Today, I’m showing you three ways to style a little black dress, just so you can wear it everywhere and no one will know.

1. With a belt. Simply belting a dress can give it a whole new look.

2. With colored heels. This is one of my favorite thing to do with an outfit. The bright pop of color really pulls the outfit together.

3. With a button-down. Throwing a top over your dress will give it an entirely different look, thus you can wear again and again. You can also knot a t-shirt at the waist over the dress to give it a skirt and shirt feel.

How would you style a little black dress?

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