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Hello Lovelies!


If you guys have been following my Insta-stories, then you will know I just spent the last week in the smoky mountains. Such a beautiful place, I really didn’t want to leave.

Of course, I wanted to pack every sweater I owned as they don’t get that much wear here, but alas the weather there wasn’t much cooler than here in Georgia. So, I had to soak up the few days that afforded cooler weather. And I took full advantage; sweater, anorak jacket, and booties. The last item made me the happiest. If the weather is too warm, wearing booties can be such a pain. Your feet get really hot and you are pretty much miserable.

But, oh did I enjoy getting to style my booties in the frosty 53 degree weather. I was awesome! And speaking of booties, there are two types that you definitely need to add to your collection this fall.


1 | Heeled booties

These are the slightly dressier, fancier style of bootie. Of course, they can be dressed down ( see above ). But they make the perfect shoe for colder winter days when you don’t want to put on your tall-legged boots. They also help to elongate the leg a little when styled with a midi skirt, rather that let you leg be completely invisible, like a tall boot would.


2 | Wedge booties

These are the more casual cousin in the bootie family. They work really well with jeans and leggings. They also make for a more confutable shoe, so something you could style for all day wear. My pair above is old, but I’ve linked a few similar ones above.


So, what about you? Do you have some bootie styles that are a much for closet? Share them below!


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