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date night

date night

date night

date night date night date night


Hello Lovelies!


So, last Friday I shared tip #1 with you for styling your clothes for a Valentines date night outfit. Today, I’m going to go a step further with tip #2.


Okay, you’ve searched your closet and found several things you really like and think would be great pieces for a date night outfit. Trouble is, one of the pieces doesn’t really fit with the rest of the ensemble. Not to worry! Such an easy thing to fix.


Tip #2 | Add or take something away.

What this means is, look at the piece and see if there is anything you can change about it. It could be adding a belt to a dress, cutting sleeves off a top ( if you don’t mind the the top being forever sleepless ), dying a pair of shoes, etc. Simply, take something you have and make it better.


My shoes in the above photos were simple, black pumps from Old Navy. But I really wanted something red to be the focal point on the outfit. So I bought some red ribbon and added it to the shoes ( tutorial to follow in the next post ). Styling a piece in a new way is so simple.


So, what’s in your closet that could use some extra love?

If you like what you see, please share!