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Hello Lovelies!


Over the Christmas/New Years holidays, I got the opportunity and pleasure to take a trip and try out one of the hotels in Athens, GA called Graduate Athens. To give you some background, Graduate Hotels is a hotel chain across the US, with hotels placed outside of universities.

These adorable little establishments are like a mini resort. They have everything you could need right on the premises. I literarily didn’t have to leave the property once while I was there.


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To start off, the rooms are all decorated in retro sixties style with lots of bold colors and vintage furniture. The rooms come in several different types, ranging from just one room to miniature houses. One of the first things I noticed was how very comfortable the bed was. Like literally, feathery soft. I’m more of a comfy bed person, so this was perfect for me.

The arrangement of the room was nice too. Next to the window was an arm chair with a drink holder, perfect for reading or just sitting and relaxing. The desk is perfect for those of you who like to bring your lap top along to work or just browse and the room includes two sinks, so you have a place to spread out your toiletries.


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Once I was settled in, I headed over to the spa for one of their Signature Massages. I unfortunately wasn’t able to get any photos of the inside, but the atmosphere was so peaceful and the staff were extremely friendly. My masseuse was named Jennifer and that was probably the best massage I have ever gotten. The spa packages range from just massages to an entire package with mani-pedi, scrubs, wraps, and complimentary champagne. Go for one of these if you are thinking of pampering yourself.




After the massage, I headed over to the Iron Works coffee company and ordered a chia tea latte and settled down in one of the chairs in the lobby to drink it. The lobby doubles as a study/visit area and is very peaceful. If you would rather not stay in your room, but you still want relative quiet, the lobby is the place to go.


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After my tea, I headed over to dinner at The Foundry. Did I mention everything is within walking distance of your hotel room? The entire campus can be walked in about five minutes. The Foundry served up a great dinner and spirits menu. I ordered the Chicken Salad with avocado and blue cheese.

Mother’s Finest was playing that night and live music is one of my favorites! The entire place was jamming and it was just so much fun. Absolutely the best way to ring in the new year.


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At the end of the night, I couldn’t wait to crawl into my comfortable bed and sleep. It was such a wonderful stay and I really didn’t want to leave the next day. I ordered a scone and tea at the coffee bar, which serves breakfast in the morning and then headed on my way.

If you are ever in the Athens area or taking a trip that will take you through there, this is the place to go. Graduate Athens id really fun dn low-key, perfect for a weekend getaway. One of the biggest things about the entire stay that really stuck out to me was the friendliness of the staff. Everyone I spoke with was so kind and helpful. I didn’t want to leave and I think that is the best kind of hotel to stay in.

Definitely check out Graduate Athens for your next trip. It’s one of the best!




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